There Are Many Reasons Businesses Fail

We Help Capital-Seeking Entrepreneurs Raise
The Money They Need Within 88 Days Or Less
So They Can Fulfill Their Life's Vision Without Worrying About the Money.

This is a simple to follow funding system that works if you are starting a business, buying a business and/or expanding an existing business. All you have to do is to complete the right steps in the right order and we’ll be right alongside of you every step of the way!
  • Align: Define your personal success, determine your business funding needs and craft a simple strategy.
  • Raise: Generate interest, meet and secure the right capital funding offer.
  • Transform: Finding the right funding allows you to grow and fulfill your vision with ease and grace.


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What Can Enstigate Do For You?

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Simple Proven 3-Step Funding System  
We have cracked the code when it comes to raising capital for entrepreneurs who are starting a business, buying a business and/or expanding an existing business.
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Funding Sources Are Included  
This is why you’re here! We have funding sources and they are ready to fund entrepreneurs who are worthy of it!
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Align You with Your Personal Success Formula  
We want you to be R.I.C.H and Live a Life Worth Living. In order to do that you Must Reclaim Your Integrity to Create Happiness. We help do that quickly so you don’t kink the flow of funding.
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Build Value in Your Funding Need  
Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to structure and build value in their business in order to get it funded. We help you figure out all the positives and help mitigate the negatives in order to give you the best chance of funding.
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Clear Path to Success  
We strip away all the funding overwhelm which is very confusing. Then we customize and give you a clear path and strategy on who to connect, where to go and how to raise the funds successfully.
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Create Funding Interest Now  
We developed proven methods that have worked for 13+ years in order to get you in front of the right funding source without wasting any time or money in the process.
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Walk You Thru the Meeting  
No matter if you’re talking to a private funder or a traditional lender there is a proper way of doing it. We help prepare you so you don’t miss any funding opportunities because you weren’t aware of what to expect.
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Accept the Right Offer and Terms  
It is important to choose the right offer and not sell yourself short or put your business is jeopardy. We help make sure that when you accept the offer it’s a joyous day!
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Receiving the Money  
This process is where some entrepreneurs make the most mistakes and it can affect the business. There is a right way to receive funding and every funder does it differently so we make sure you are covered during this phase of the process.
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Increase Your Equity  
There are many ways to increase your equity once you have the right funding in place. Our firm has years of business and funding consulting experience in many industries to give you the best chance for maximum cash flow going forward.
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Expansion Takes More Capital  
It’s the little things that matter when it comes to funding and most businesses fail to do the right things in the right order to be prepared for expansion. We make sure that doesn’t happen to you!
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Dedicated Support When You Need It  
Our dedicated staff is available to help you 7 days a week. Feel confident in knowing we will be alongside you every step of the way.
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