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We understand that at the end of the day your business goals and success are really meant to support your dreams of spending quality time with friends and family or doing more things that you enjoy and love.  And with more freedom and flexibility.

We want to alleviate the uncertainty and stresses of growing, to clarity and peace of mind as it pertains to funding your business and ultimately your dreams. At Enstigate we're not just your funding source but in service to caring about your success.

Most businesses have advisors for legal advice, accounting advice, insurance advice, business advice, marketing advice, etc. But the most important advice they really need is how to access capital no matter what their circumstances.

All business during all their stages of development need access to capital to start and grow their business. Where do they go to get financing advice? They go to people who are not trained in raising money in the capital markets like lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, business advisors, friends etc. We help build companies by advising them as to the best way to finance their businesses be it through debt or equity.

We offer access to capital sources who will finance just about any entrepreneurial company, in any industry, at any stage of development from start-up to early and later stages of growth. We charge no -upfront fees to any client. Although we are usually compensated by our funding sources, we actually represent the interests of our clients.

There are many reasons businesses fail; don't let lack of funding be one of them.  That's the easy part!  

Brian Rassi
Co-Founder and CEO
the past 17+ years what I’ve discovered is I am a catalyst- an agent for accelerated success. When it comes to business funding I excel in finding the right solutions for the right situation now.

I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2000 and began my loan career with Wells Fargo in 2004.  Ever since then I have made it a point to find the easiest, fastest and most real funding sources for my clients.  Whatever the problem is in your business and life there is already a solution waiting for you to discover it. It’s my job to help you receive the funding solution quicker and with less pain than you could by yourself at this moment.

I look forward to talking with you in the near future about your business funding needs.  


melda Arcilla brings experience in business and personal life coaching. Entrepreneurs are a special breed, they’re passionate and work through many challenges to meet with success. They take their financial destiny into their own hands through their own creative efforts. My passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners thrive authentically.

Imelda Arcilla
Co-Founder and President
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