When a Business Owner seeks outside financing, it is usually for a specific situation.  They usually seek investors and venture capitalists if they don’t qualify for traditional financing.  This is where we come into the picture with our innovative angel loan.

The Angel Loan is a platform that helps your growing company elevate to the next stage of growth.  It’s a real Angel Loan because it’s complimentary to other Investor, Angel Investments and VC’s and it doesn’t want anything back in return as it relates to ownership. It’s a win-win. That’s a real Angel!

  • Loan Amounts and Rates directly related to Cash Flow Strength
  • Fast and Easy Funding in 5-7 days or Less
  • Underwriting Based on Revenue Consistency
  • No Financials or Tax Returns
  • No Oversight or Restrictions on the Use of Funds
  • No Equity or Debt Convertible Requirements tied to the Funding
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Allows you to continue to look for permanent funding options as well.

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Bike Concept_550_461

There are so many reasons businesses fail; don’t let lack of funding be one of them. That’s the easy part!

It’s a full-time job raising money and managing the growth of the business. Especially when your next round of seed funding from new investors didn’t arrive as quickly as projected, or your wanting to expand and just need some money to fulfill a specific initiative, or your next product roll-out had an unexpected delay, or maybe sales are down and you just need an extra influx of capital to jumpstart it back up.

With this Angel Loan, there is no involvement with the company. Our job is to make available you money at every important stage so your business can grow and thrive moving forward.

Which is why we created our innovative angel loan product to meet the needs of businesses in the growth stage without the form of any convertible debt or loss of equity.  

Regardless of your need to get an Angel Loan,
it shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag!