It’s hard to run a business effectively unless you have the proper business funding in place.  

Almost true on every accord the more available financial resources you have the easier it is to grow your business.  Which is why enstigate entrepreneurs offer business owners money via small business loans and merchant cash advances across the nation in all 50 states.

  • Get a loan up to $1 Million Dollars
  • Use it for Expansion, Buy Another Business, Anything you Want.
  • Fast Funding in 5 to 7 days or less!!
  • One of the easiest ways to get Risk-Free Capital. Unsecured.
  • Better than a Traditional Loan; No Collateral!
  • Better than a Life Long Partnership
  • No Restrictions on Use of the Proceeds!

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When the markets tightened up it became very difficult for the small to mid-sized businesses to gain access to working capital and business loans alike.  Our business funding loan alternatives provide small business loan options and financing solutions that are flexible and customized to fit the business owner’s needs. & withstand the unknown as life's obstacles presents itself throughout the days, weeks, months and years.

Clients use the working capitals to renovate, expand, buy out partnerships, increase inventory, get coaching, add additional advertising, or catch up on unpaid bills, rents, leases or taxes.  Unlike FDIC insured banks and traditional lending agencies, our funding procedures are much faster and easier to access for business owners.


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enstigate entrepreneurs provide access to a business loan alternative program that advances a business owner up to 2 times their gross monthly business bank receipt.  Example:  A business owner’s gross sales last month was $35,000, they would be able to get an advance up to $70,000.  

Paying back the advance is automated and simple.

  1. First the business owner agrees to a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the businesses daily sales being allocated to pay back the advance.
  2. Secondly, each business day that agreed upon amount or percentage will be withdrawn from the proceeds that come from the business owners bank account.

Business Funding usually takes Place in about 5-7 Business Days or less and they Provide Business Owners with Unsecured Business Loan Alternatives on the Terms that Make the Most Sense for their Business.

This Program was established to satisfy the lack of Available Financing in the Small to Medium Business Marketplace.    


Past Funding Examples Below

(Below are some examples of the types of business loan alternatives that have been funded over the years.)




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Disclaimer: Regarding Funded Loans mentioned and pictured above as follows-"The Example of funded clients provided here are for illustrative purposes only. Some of the clients shown may have been funded by "related partners" and prior to "enstigate."