We specialize in alternative business loans that allow sellers to have the most flexibility available to them when selling a business.  

A Business Owner sells their company for very few reasons such as wanting to retire, a change of pace, health reasons, lack of capital, financial difficulty or just part of the business plan. Regardless of the reason, we designed this program to help alleviate not only your needs but your buyer’s need as well.

  • Cash-Out Your Equity with No Restrictions on the use of Funds.
  • Market Your Business with this Seller Financing Program.
  • Demand Top Dollar for your Business by Providing Seller Financing.
  • Limit the Delay & Risk involved when Dealing with Traditional Lenders.
  • Flexibility to Structure the Sale of the Business on your Own Terms.

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Bike Concept_550_461

Option 1: Cash-Out Your Equity (Unsecured Use of Funds)

  • Essentially, we underwrite the current businesses cash flow allowing us to gauge the proper cash-out amount available for you to utilize immediately. These funds are unsecured allowing you to use the money immediately to help get the business ready for sale and/or use it simultaneously with the sale of the business to the new buyer.

Option 2: Seller Financing Option

  • You can place an additional seller carryback financing option to our cash-out business funding amount, allowing you to get paid back over a set term the amount of funds necessary to complete the purchase of the business.

Option 3: Flexibility to Use Both Options

  • This innovative cash-out seller financing program allows you the most flexibility to structure the sale of your business on your own terms. If you need money now great pull it out! If you need the money all at once for the sale of the business great use it at that time! Either way, you’re covered.