Is your Personal Credit Score Holding You Back at the Moment?  

We have a comprehensive credit score enhancement service that can literally get you the funding you need regardless of your current Credit Situation. Funding Can happen as FAST as 3 weeks even if you have Identity Theft, No Credit History and/or Bad Credit History at the moment.

  • We can wipe your credit clean in 1-3 weeks.
  • We can remove all your negative hard credit inquiries in 1-3 weeks.
  • We can add powerful seasoned tradelines to your credit report and improve your credit scores big time (Estimated 40 to 150 points) in 3 weeks.
  • We can get you an aged, credit-ready corporation and get it funded for up to $500,000.

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Ideal Credit Requirements For Unsecured Funding  

3+ Years of Clean Credit History (Ideally 5+ Years):
• No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past. If your Credit History is not at least 3
Years Old, we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement,
and if you have Recent and/or Unresolved Derogatory Items, we can show you how to remove

3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts:
• If you don’t have at least 3 Open Revolving Accounts, then we can add Seasoned Tradelines to
your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement.

30% or Lower Revolving Debt Ratio:
• If your Combined Unsecured Revolving Debt is more than 30% of your Combined Unsecured
Revolving Credit Limit, then you need to either pay down the Unsecured Debt to under 30% or
we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report to dilute the Revolving Debt Ratio down
to under 30%.

700+ Credit Scores:
• If your Scores are under 700, then we can add Seasoned Tradelines to dramatically increase your
Credit Scores and the overall Quality of your Personal Credit History in only 3 Weeks! It’s
common to see Credit Scores jump up 50 to 150 Points in 3 Weeks – This is the Real Deal.

No More Than 6 Inquiries per Credit Bureau in the last 90 Days:
• If you have too many Inquiries, we can remove them from Equifax and Experian for you within 3
Business Days as long as they did not result in a new Credit Account being opened. It is virtually
impossible to remove Inquiries from TransUnion, but then again, few Lenders use TransUnion,
so the Strategy works quite well.

Don’t meet the Credit Requirements? Don’t Worry –
We can solve all of your Credit Problems FAST!