Who We Fund:

We fund all types of businesses. If you're a legitimate business then we have a funding program for you.

What We Do

Most businesses have advisors for legal advice, accounting advice, insurance advice, business advice, marketing advice, etc. But the most important advice they really need is how to access capital no matter what their circumstances. All businesses during all their stages of development need access to capital to start and grow their business.  Where do they go to get financing advice? They go to people who are not trained in raising money in the capital markets like lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, business advisors, friends etc. We help build companies by advising them as to the best way to plan and finance their businesses be it through debt or equity. We offer coaching, consulting, and access to capital sources who will finance just about any entrepreneurial company, in any industry, at any stage of development from start-up to early and later stages of growth.


We underwrite the file in-house and structure it before we select the right funding source to find your particular situation. This extra step and due diligence are why we have such a high rate of approvals for our clients.

Who Should Apply:

• Our solutions are ideal for small to medium businesses who need cash to:
o Start-Up Capital
o Bankruptcy Restructuring
o Buying a New Business
o Selling a Business
o Buy Out Partner(s)
o Working Capital
o Consolidation of Debt
o Expand Inventory
o Invest in Personal and Business Credit Enhancement Services
o Improve Facilities
o Advertise
o Pay Taxes
o Open a New Locations
o Pay Operating Expenses

Our Clients and Target List:

Our Business Funding Solutions Program regularly adds new business and new business types to our portfolio. While we consider most business types with over 700+ different industries available to get funding!! 

Am I Guaranteed Funding?:

No you're guaranteed funding. NO ONE in the funding world can state that and back it up legitimately. What we do guarantee is once you go thru our funding solution program your chances of getting funding will be above 80% and if you take the growth package that percentage is even higher! Compare that the current industry standard of 20% and you can see it's a huge jump! That's just the funding percentages the real benefit of this program is after you go thru it the level of clarity and confidence will allow your business to succeed much much longer than the what the norm is out there. Remember Over 50% of new small businesses fail in the first 2 years, Over 80% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years, and 96% (!!) fail within their first 10 years!

Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we do. We provide an 11-day unconditional money back guarantee. On average this time frame allows you to get a very good grasp of what we offer in the enstigate funding solution program to see if this is going to work for you. After that, you have access to the initial training for 88 days. Of course, you can continue the level of service on a month-to-month basis after the initial 88-day package offering.

Can I upgrade and/or downgrade the level of service?

Yes, up to that 11-day mark for the initial 88-day package period timeframe.

Advantages of using Non-Bank Lenders

Some of Our Debt Funding Sources are Non-Bank Lenders. There are lots of reasons to use non-bank lenders you may not be aware of. Here are the advantages of using non-bank lenders versus traditional banks, including:
o No government banking law oversite
o Much more flexibility
o Terms are based on a win-win basis, not just one sided
o Quick approvals
o No artificial lending limits
o Secured loans can be secured by tangible and intangible assets
o Secured loans don’t have to be 100% secured
o This type of funding is called “venture debt” due to the risk the lender is willing to take

Start-Up Financing Program:

We have lending programs available even if you just started your business yesterday! If you need funding then we have a solution for you!

Business Opportunites:

If you’re inspired by the possibilities to create more opportunities of abundance in your life, with the idea of being supported as well as collaborating, and open to innovating your life for your entrepreneurial dreams. We’ve created a special invitation from our company dedicated to helping you get into a business opportunity that can truly provide you life-changing financial results and give you the flexibility necessary to enjoy life as well. Click here for More Information.

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