ow do you feel about debt? What comes to mind when you stop and think about it for a little bit? The other day I did this and a profound experience happened to me. I had an epiphany about the word debt.

When you have a debt to someone it is an opportunity for you grow into the person you were meant to become. Meaning that person has given you a gift and it's your responsibility to repay that offering with the upmost integrity to the arrangement between both parties not only in the form of payment but also in the form of GROWTH!

If you borrow money from another person with the pretense that you're going to pay it back then you need to make sure you are willing to overcome the life hurdles that may come your way because of the gift of liquidity that was entrusted to you.

Part of the epiphany came from answering the following questions. How do I feel about debt? What lessons have I learned about myself when I have lent money to others? What lessons have I learned about myself when I have borrowed money from others? What lessons have I learned about myself when things haven't gone according to plan and debt was involved? Did I handle the situation with integrity and self-respect for myself and the other person?

As I sat and thought about it for awhile I kept coming up with other ways debt is used in our lives. So I went to the dictionary and looked up the definition for the word debt.

debt - noun
• something, typically money, that is owed or due.
• the state of owing money.
• a feeling of gratitude for a service or favor.

Sure enough you can be of debt to someone who has given you good service or money for your service. You owe that person gratitude for the debt and the growth from the obligation presented before you.

What happens when you grow from the exchange of debt? You begin to lay the foundation for prosperity to come into your life! How can the Universe trust you with so much money when you haven't grown into the person who can handle large amounts of money?

This was the epiphany, no matter if you're in major debt, if you're buying someone's services, if your fulfilling services for someone and/or if you're asking an investor for a large amount of money to get your start-up off the ground you still have to show the Universe you are able to handle large amounts of money before it will give you the opportunity through the form of a debt exchange!

I challenge you to get real honest with yourself, can the Universe trust you when it comes to the huge responsibility that comes in the form of debt? If the answer is Yes, then prosperity will flow towards you. If the answer is No, then get a plan in place to show the Universe you are ready for that opportunity.

Written by Brian Rassi
Brian Rassi brings over 17+ years extensive experience in business development, direct sales and customer relations to business ventures.As a catalyst, he specializes in creating high-performance business ventures by focusing on consistency of operations, balanced growth, and integral profitability. He believes success is built through valuing collaboration, cooperation, trust, openness, consistency, and execution.