oday was an enlightening day to say the least! After an hour conversation with Imelda it really hit home that I was in the void and nothing was going to be able to save me until I focused all of my energy on ME!  In other words I need to embody and commit all my knowledge, resources and energy on solving my own formula first.

Over the past couple of years a trend continued to be forming in all my business ventures.  I would be a part of a team venture with a goal of accomplishing something.  I would extend all my energy to accomplishing the goal, overcome many challenges to get the project off the ground only to have it crumble or dissipate because one of the partners going rogue.

When I mean rouge I mean for some reason or not we could not come together and sustain the common vision we once shared in the beginning of the venture.   You see in start-up and small businesses the dynamics of the relationships can change in an instant.

The circumstances of the business (good or bad) will reveal the true nature of each individual involved in it.  In other words it clearly exposes your limitations and areas for growth not only as an individual but also as a team member.    If anyone one of the major pieces of the business goes rogue then the business has the ability to crumble.

If it does crumble all the people involved need to stop and think what "Personal Lesson" is the universe trying to show me?   Why did this really happen to me?  I poured everything I had into this business and still it came crashing down, Why Source Why?

I never stopped to think of life in this fashion until today when the light bulb went off for me.  Until Imelda was able to point out this glaring blind spot that I couldn't see for myself.   Until I work on my own personal limitations and areas of growth no matter what business I get involved in the Universe is going to test me.

ntil you sit back, figure out and address the Why and/or Personal Lesson the Universe is going to continue to test you.  It will test you in many different areas of your life until you learn from the experience.    Most of the time it is going to test you at the very thing you value the most.

If it is money and financial freedom you seek then that is the first place the Universe is going to come knocking.  If you are always on the go the universe will figure a way out to make sure it strips away your health, car and money until it forces you into a position of solitude.

It will continue to drive the point home until you get it.  If that means losing everything until you break down and open your mind to asking the right questions in order to get the right solutions then so be it.

The key point is asking the right question, being able to flush out and address that particular blind spot as fast as possible.  Once you have figured out the correct path to that particular lesson then the Universe will allow the flow to come back in your life.

Then the universe will move onto the next area of your life that needs to be developed and it will test you.   The quicker you recognize that this is one of the major ways you interact with the Universe day in and day out the easier your life will be.


eaning you need to take time each day in solitude to review your interactions with people, with how you feel personally, with the tone of your inner conversations with yourself and with your goals etc.  If you do this each day then you will be able to recognize and address these personal lessons much quicker.

The Universe tests you with a small test first in that particular area you need to work on.  If you catch it and address it the Universe moves on to the next area of growth.  If you miss it the Universe tests you with another scenario a little more challenging to illicit you to address that particular area of your life.  This will continue until the Universe really throws you a whammy of a test that will shake you to your core.

Usually when you get boxed into a corner that makes it so uncomfortable that you really begin to look around and ask the right questions that will give you the right answers.   There is a solution to every problem.  Only when you realize that this is happening to you will that solution begin to come to you in many different forms such as ideas, synchronicities, people, books, teachers, etc.

There are clues being displayed to you thru meditation, intuition, people, words, numbers, songs, books, websites, etc.  There all over the place if you begin to slow down, get centered and make reference to the clue/sign.  You see the Universe wants you to find the solution to the problem.

Why does the Universe need to Test you in the First Place?   I feel there are multiple answers to this question.   I think it is an effective and efficient way to help us course correct our lives as it relates to our soul's purpose.

Each one of us came here to experience, learn, grow and play out a specific role in this lifetime.  We all have a final destination point but there are infinite possible ways to get there.   Some of us can take the long, hard and painful route.   While others seem to have a much easier path, like they just jump on their own private jet and get a police escort right to their end destination.  The only difference between the two scenarios is how quickly can we pass the tests!

Once you realize this very critical piece of the formula then you have just taken many years off your struggle.  It will then become a co-collaboration between you and the Universe working together in harmony to expand and grow on a moment by moment basis.

Written by Brian Rassi
Brian Rassi brings over 17+ years extensive experience in business development, direct sales and customer relations to business ventures.As a catalyst, he specializes in creating high-performance business ventures by focusing on consistency of operations, balanced growth, and integral profitability. He believes success is built through valuing collaboration, cooperation, trust, openness, consistency, and execution.