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our income is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself! As an entrepreneur it can be very challenging in the beginning. Everything you envisioned in the business usually is not going as planned. Certain challenges continue to surface and for most entrepreneurs it has to do with money. Either raising money and/or generating enough cash flow to sustain and grow your business.

Regardless of the situation it really boils down to you and what you believe. For many years I had no clue about this because I believed in an old way of doing business. I was always told by others that the harder you worked the more successful and/or more money you will have.

I literally took this to heart and began to work and work and work some more. For years I did this and when challenges came up my only go to solution was to work some more. I gained a lot of wisdom along the way but my income wasn't reflecting back to me the belief I bought into. At the end of the day I was wasting my time, my energy, my resources and my relationships on this outdated belief.

I needed a new belief and I needed it fast. The minute I asked for this new belief internally my world began to shift. The very books, cds and mentor(s) that were always within my immediate reach began to take precedent over the old way of doing things. I was open to a new belief that money can easily flow to me without struggling or waiting for it. I was asking myself, why can't this new belief become my new normal? Or how hard can it be to change my belief about money?

I never really understood this quote until I began to seek new beliefs. "The same mind that got you into your current situation is not going to be able to get you out of it." For years I heard people say this to me but I never really understood the depth required to actually obtain what it really meant until I discussed it with Imelda.

During that discussion she said something that floored me, " Your Income is in direct proportion to who you need to become. There is no limit to what you can make or have if you embody the principles necessary to obtain the money you are requesting. " What excited me the most about Imelda's statement was everything she said had to do with me and my beliefs!

What she meant was if you want to earn a $250,000 this year you need to first establish the belief that is really possible for you. Then you need to actually grow into that person both mentally and physically through the actions you take on a daily basis to obtain it.

If you're raising money for your start-up company and you need $1,000,000 to get it off the ground. Then you first need to establish the belief that you will be able to raise that much capital. Then you, your leadership team and your company needs to establish a coherence equal to and/or greater than the money you are requesting.

If your income potential is directly related to your beliefs then how do you even start to change your outdated beliefs? Well I can tell you from personal experience it is very hard to do this on your own. If your objective is to have more money in your life then my suggestion is for you to find the most efficient way to figure this out.

My best advice is to find someone who understands your specific situation, has the time to give you some personal attention and has a track record of actually helping people change their beliefs. Then focus your time and efforts on your new beliefs each and every day until your income directly reflects back to you what you want in your business and life.

Written by Brian Rassi
Brian Rassi brings over 17+ years extensive experience in business development, direct sales and customer relations to business ventures.As a catalyst, he specializes in creating high-performance business ventures by focusing on consistency of operations, balanced growth, and integral profitability. He believes success is built through valuing collaboration, cooperation, trust, openness, consistency, and execution.