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or years I have always said to Imelda I would like to live a life that allows me to leave a worthwhile legacy for others.  One that is remembered by many and felt by many more.  I sat with this vision this morning asking the question am I living up to my desire in this area?  Am I on pace to fulfilling that?

Through contemplation of the word legacy I went to the dictionary to pull up the definition.

legacy - noun - (law) a gift of personal property by will

A legacy can be defined in a couple of different ways.  The most common is in a monetary form of handing down money and/or land to someone else upon death from one generation to the next.  The other use is in the historical significance of achievements.  A company president might leave a legacy of honesty and integrity.

After reading the definition again and thinking about it further I have come to the conclusion that everyone is leaving a legacy no matter if they know it or not!  Every day when you interact with someone else you are gifting them with your personal property by will through conversation, money, value, laughter, wisdom, anger, stress, love, support……

I challenge you to think about your own legacy and how you are affecting others with your presence.  Are you living up to your own higher standards? Or are you allowing the outside world to dictate the legacy your living and portraying to the people your interacting with everyday?

The answer is yes I am on pace to leaving a legacy that will be remembered by many and felt by many more.  I choose to make it a positive one and I hope you do the same each and every day you interact with someone because your leaving your legacy even if you know it or not!

Written by Brian Rassi
Brian Rassi brings over 17+ years extensive experience in business development, direct sales and customer relations to business ventures.As a catalyst, he specializes in creating high-performance business ventures by focusing on consistency of operations, balanced growth, and integral profitability. He believes success is built through valuing collaboration, cooperation, trust, openness, consistency, and execution.